A Second Layer of Defense Against Emerging Threats

ScoutIQ™ is a cloud-based, cyber threat intelligence service that provides protection against unknown and emerging malware threats and zero-day exploits. The platform works in a trifold manner, by proactively scanning all networks—including encrypted traffic—for various threats and malware, providing continuous threat protection by aggregating data from NG Firewall deployments worldwide, and synthesizing data from industry-wide threat intelligence services.


ScoutIQ aggregates data about threats we see in the wild—on actual Untangle NG Firewall deployments—worldwide. Unlike the traditional security industry threat feeds, ScoutIQ provides real-world visibility into the threats that are actually seen in the wild by our global network.

Known threats are blocked onsite at the gateway between the local network and the internet by Untangle’s award-winning NG Firewall. By natively integrating with ScoutIQ, NG Firewall is able to pinpoint zero day, never-before-seen malware—and block it before it ever enters the network. This protection capability is then shared to all NG Firewall customers globally.

Untangle provides aggregated statistics on a number of dimensions associated with malware distribution. These include geo-distribution (source and origin), transmission protocols, historical incidence and more.


ScoutIQ gives every NG Firewall deployment an added layer of protection. By leveraging Virus Blocker and Virus Blocker Lite, you can already gain a critical boost to your security that comes from dual antivirus. Adding ScoutIQ, included with Virus Blocker, you take your efficacy against emerging, zero day threats to unprecedented levels.

  • Cloud scanning—no software to install
  • Included with Virus Blocker—no additional charge
  • Leverages real-world intelligence from NG Firewall deployments in the wild
  • Increases efficacy against every type of threat: malware, trojans, worms, ransomware, more

Pricing & Availability

ScoutIQ is included with Virus Blocker. Virus Blocker is available as an individual app, or with our Complete package.


Cyber IntelligenceCyber Threat Intelligence Whitepaper

How Cyber Threat Intelligence Safeguards Against Today’s Threat Landscape

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

ScoutIQ™ aggregates anonymous telemetry information across files, URLs, and IPs observed across NG Firewall deployments. Our cyber intelligence platform delivers detailed threat analysis across all traffic types seen on today’s networks, inspecting data at the application level, to provide insights across every port, protocol, and application, including SSL-encrypted traffic. By synthesizing intelligence information in the cloud, ScoutIQ can provide superior protection against unknown and emerging threats to Untangle NG Firewall subscribers globally and seamlessly.

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