Live Support

Get live, US-based technical support from our on-staff system and network administrators. Our award-winning support team is exceptionally well-versed in the nuances of the Edge Threat Management products and their use by our diverse customer base. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and success.


NG Firewall
As an added bonus, Configuration Backup is included with Live Support at no additional charge. Don’t lose your NG Firewall configuration as a result of hardware or software problems. Configuration Backup provides a safe store for your configuration file, enabling you to recover from even the most catastrophic problems.


Micro Edge
Our Live Support team are experienced experts in our Micro Edge technology and the many ways that our wide ranging customer base connect up their networks and prioritize business critical applications.


In addition, we have a very active community—including engineers—available through our user forums. We also provide excellent documentation through our extensive Knowledge Base.

Get Live Support

Live support is included in NG Firewall Complete, and all Micro Edge subscriptions, or can be purchased separately.

Starting at $216.00 annually.

30-Day Free Trial

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The Reports app is easy to use, and I can simply pull the required reports to show we are complying with CIPA. Jeff Olson, Vision Charter School
NG Firewall’s flexibility and ease-of-use works for our continuously growing network. Phil Burgess, Hunter Valley Grammar School
NG Firewall makes life simple. It is easy to use and can be managed remotely, which is very important when there are eighteen locations to look after. Bruce Garner , Five Star Food Service