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Federal Government

Ensuring Security and Compliance at Every Level

Network security in the federal government has been under attack not only by hackers, but by the scrutiny of the public. With more and more data breaches occurring and sensitive information being released, the federal government must protect its assets and personnel information from future threats. Implementing a next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention system is a necessary step for network administrators to ensure a safe and secure environment for sensitive information. With Edge Threat Management, the federal government and its entities are able to monitor and investigate potential breaches with a cost ­effective solution.

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NIST Compliance

NIST SP 800-171

NIST SP 800-171 provides guidance for government agencies looking to protect sensitive, unclassified federal information that is housed in nonfederal systems and environments. Edge Threat Management’s NG Firewall solution specifically helps organizations meet certain security requirements of NIST SP 800-171.

Threat intrusion

Insider Threat Detection

As phishing attempts become more sophisticated, it is essential to monitor employee behavior on the network to determine if they have opened the organization to risks. Edge Threat Management NG Firewall reports help network admins track, monitor, and analyze all traffic on the network, pinpointing any unauthorized access before it spreads.

Captive Portal Application

Safe and Secure Networks

Captive Portal allows administrators to block internet access for users until they view and/or agree to an Acceptable Use policy. For employees, they can rest assured their information is secure. For network administrators, they can keep track of unidentified users and restrict them from accessing specific information, reducing security risks and bandwidth impacts.

Web Filter Application

Real-time Content Blocking

Blocking website content is becoming more difficult as the internet evolves, and more websites are routing traffic through HTTPS. Blocking unwanted traffic on the network and optimizing internet access for employees can be done through next-generation web filtering. With Web Filter, network administrators have complete visibility into and control over all traffic flowing through their network.


NG Firewall Special Pricing

Public Sector Complete

Qualifying state and local government institutions, public schools and libraries can take advantage of Public Sector Complete special pricing.

Is Edge Threat Management Right For You?

Helps meet compliance for FISMA, NERC, NIST, FIPS, and several other federal regulations

Unique and granular policies for specific departmental and user access

Firewall, Router, IPsec VPN, Advanced Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention and Phish Blocking

HTTPS/SSL traffic inspection

Active Directory/LDAP Integration

Prioritize network traffic for mission-critical applications

Layer 7 application awareness to identify all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination

Stops filter avoidance

Prevents network slowdowns caused by any individual or group of users and applications