Enforcing Web Filtering Policy


Virgin Isles Water & Power Authority

Industry: Utilities
Network Size: 350 users across 3 sites

“Untangle enables us to adhere to our web usage policies. It prevents people from using proxy sites to bypass our web filter. We were also pleasantly surprised by Untangle’s pricing.”


The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) is a public-power utility whose core purpose is to enhance the economic development and the quality of life for people living in the U.S. Virgin Islands and the surrounding areas.

WAPA operates electrical generation and water desalination units on the islands of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. Electrical service is provided to St. John, Water Island, and Hassel Island through submarine cables. WAPA’s IT department supports three main locations across the islands. There are approximately 350 staff that have access to the Internet.

Needed More, for Less

The Network Specialist at WAPA, Julius Aubain, was facing a decision on renewing his subscription for his dedicated web filter appliance. Julius had several issues to contend with: recessionary budget pressures, requiring him to look for savings across his IT budget; escalating subscription costs from his incumbent vendor; and some employees that had found ways to get around the existing web filter using proxies to bypass it. He needed to look for a replacement; one that would be more cost-effective and more robust.

Software Trial

Julius downloaded the free Untangle multi-function firewall from the web, and installed it on generic computer hardware. He was able to set up an Untangle server specifically suited to his organization’s needs. He then initiated trials of Untangle’s premium applications, and began testing Untangle with internet traffic. The system passed with flying colors, and Julius placed his (new) subscription order with Untangle.

Implementing Untangle

“Untangle was very easy to set up and install,” says Julius. “The fact that I can install the software on servers of my choosing, rather than being tied to a dedicated hardware appliance, gives me much more flexibility and control.”

“We also found Untangle’s pricing very attractive. I’m now able to properly filter our internet traffic in adherence to our web policy, on a smaller annual budget.” Julius has been running Untangle since November 2009. He’s under budget, and his web traffic is under control.