High-End Retail Store Trusts Untangle With Network Security


Industry:  Retail

Network Size:   8 retail stores with less than 10 users at each and up to 60 users at the corporate office.

“Untangle has everything I need to protect my retail and corporate networks.”



Frette is an Italian textile company founded in 1860. Known for its fine linens, Frette has 10 retail stores in the United States and many more across the world; it also provides linens to many luxury hotels. Robert Codey has been the IT Support Administrator for the last 2 years and is responsible for protecting the corporate and retail networks.


Retail Therapy Needs Protection

As a well-known fine linen provider, Frette must maintain network security for its employees and customers in its corporate and retail stores. Robert Codey found a solution to not only block ads and viruses, but also keep the retail and corporate networks separate while also allowing them to connect. Untangle’s NG Firewall all-in-one software and appliance solution provides Robert with many tools to protect all of the networks he manages.

Keeping the retail networks safe and virus-free is crucial. Untangle has been implemented in 8 of the 10 Frette retail stores, with Web Filter and Ad Blocker automatically blocking and protecting the network from phishing scams, malware, and spyware. Robert can rest assured that customers who try to access or download inappropriate content on the retail networks will be blocked. While 8 retail stores are secure, the remaining 2 are often hit by viruses. “Because of the success at the other stores, I am planning to implement Untangle at the last 2 US stores,” said Robert.


Connecting to Corporate

With the retail stores protected and secure, ensuring they can connect to the corporate network without infecting it was a major requirement for Robert. Untangle’s IPsec VPN application allows remote users and the retail stores to connect to the corporate network and cloud via a secure encrypted tunnel.

The corporate office in New Jersey also has two internet connections, making WAN Balancer very crucial. “WAN Balancer is a huge bonus!” said Robert. The WAN Balancer application helps Robert to maximize the cumulative network performance and throughput by distributing the traffic based on simple rules.


The Future

Robert plans to also utilize the Captive Portal application to require users to accept an Acceptable Use Policy before gaining access to the internet at the retail stores. “Untangle has everything I need to protect my retail and corporate networks. The solution is very user-friendly, and the customizations I need don’t require professional services—a huge plus in my book,” said Robert.