Untangle Delivers the Most Value in Next-Generation Firewalls

Untangle NG Firewall Case Study

LAF (Legal Assistance Foundation)

Industry: Legal

Average Network Size: 200 users between employees, students, and volunteers

“Untangle has solved our problems, with all the features you need to protect a network.” – Eric Fong, IT Supervisor


LAF (formerly Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago) is a non-profit organization that provides free high quality civil legal services to people living in poverty and other vulnerable groups.  LAF’s advocacy results in such successes as gaining custody of a child, obtaining an order of protection against an abusive spouse, preventing an unfair eviction, or getting justice for a victim of consumer fraud.

Making BYOD a reality

Eric Fong is an 11-year IT veteran who was looking for a great next-generation firewall. To safeguard his network, Eric needed to filter websites, block spam and viruses, report incidents, and more. At LAF, staff used their own devices to connect to the network from both within and outside the office. His current solutions were expensive and required special client configuration, which resulted in extra work to accommodate his users’ smartphones and laptops.

Eric was knowledgeable about other firewall providers, but while researching online, saw several positive reviews and recommendations for Untangle. After making the comparisons, Eric decided to deploy Untangle and has been happy with his choice ever since.  Untangle enabled Eric to stop spam and malicious software, set up VPNs to securely connect from anywhere, and enforce usage policies. “Now we welcome people bringing in their own devices,” said Eric. “Untangle replaced a lot of separate equipment, outperforming each one of them.”

Significant Savings and a Robust Solution

Untangle was able to provide LAF the most complete next-generation firewall available – and at an unbeatable price. The difference in price was so significant that Untangle had paid for itself in just three months! Along with Untangle’s superior product and price point, Eric was equally impressed by the quick turnaround and professionalism Untangle provided through its support team. “Untangle has solved our problems, with all the features you need to protect a network.” said Eric.