NG Firewall Appliances Ease Bank’s Network Security Needs

Untangle NG Firewall Case Study

Bank of New Glarus and Sugar River Banks

Industry: Financial Services

Average Network Size: 60 users

“After some research, I decided that Untangle was the most attractive appliance available today.”


The Bank of New Glarus and Sugar River Banks in New Glarus, Wisconsin was founded in 1893 with $12,000 in opening capital. An independent bank providing financial guidance and solutions, the Bank honors its hometown heritage by providing exceptional customer service to the people and communities it serves.

IT veteran Jeff Armstrong has spent the last six years of his eighteen year career in financial services IT. When he joined the Bank, he immediately began looking at the infrastructure in place to serve the six area locations.

Multiple Sites, Multiple Headaches

After evaluating the Bank’s network, Jeff quickly realized that he needed to decrease costs while optimizing bandwidth usage. Site-to-site VPN needed to be robust, redundant and managed. Finally, he knew he needed to control access to web content and protect desktops from viruses, phishing and other malware and exploits.

A Solution that Just Works

Jeff learned about Untangle’s NG Firewall from a former colleague who was already a fan. He looked at both NG Firewall’s software-only and appliance solutions. Though Jeff has the expertise to configure his own hardware, he chose an NG Firewall appliance for its ease of use. “I like the minimal work up front to install the appliance in my network,” said Jeff. “The two NG Firewall appliances we’ve purchased so far have saved me time and money – and will continue to do so.”

“I needed a solution that will decrease the complexity of managing the network for my team,” said Jeff. “I can’t be everywhere at once. I wanted my team to be able to learn quickly, self-serve, and not have to deal with learning a command line interface.” Jeff continued, “NG Firewall is a point-and-click solution that has made my day-to-day tasks easier. My team has been able to work on the NG Firewall without needing me every time.”

“The pair of NG Firewall appliances have paid for themselves many times over,” said Jeff. “The devices are running flawlessly. I’m very happy with my decision.”