E-Books and Guides



Building a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Plan

In this e-book, we outline the steps required to conduct a cybersecurity audit and develop a risk assessment plan, which should be an essential component of any organization’s network security strategy.

Building a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

In this e-book, we outline the steps required if a cyberattack occurs, and who is responsible. The cost of creating an incident response plan is a fraction of what your company can lose from a single breach.

MSPs Guide to Getting Started in CyberSecurity

This e-book outlines how MSPs can grow into IT Security Providers to meet customer demand.


How to Tell if You’ve Been Hacked
To help SMBs identify possible breaches, we’ve put together a guide listing the signs you need to look for to identify an attack.
Identifying Phishing Emails Checklist
This checklist provides specific, identifiable signs that an email could be malicious to keep you and your employees a step ahead of hackers.
K-12 Network Security Checklist
Schools can take some simple steps to stay ahead of evolving threats and hackers, while also maintaining CIPA compliance.
HIPAA Compliance and Remote Employees
This guide provides specific tips on how to remain HIPAA compliant when working from home.
Best Practices: VPN Connectivity for Employees
This guide provides a list of best practices for employees to follow when using a VPN.
Incident Response Planning Checklist
Use this checklist to get started creating a complete incident response plan to prepare, detect and react to a potential data breach.
Network Maintenance and Security for Schools Checklist
Schools can stay ahead of evolving threats and hackers by taking some simple steps to protect their students, staff and networks.
Multi-Layered Network Security for your Nonprofit
This guide provides some steps that nonprofits can take to build their multi-layered network security solution.