Micro Edge optimizes network connectivity and provides essential network security to keep your network and data safe from cyber attacks. Below are a list of features that when combined, connect, optimize and secure your network from edge to edge.

Feature Summary
Traffic Optimization Traffic shaping and Quality of Service prioritizes business critical traffic across WAN links. Traffic steering uses optimal predictive path selection that incorporates a sophisticated cloud component to identify applications at the first packet. This advanced technology enables Micro Edge to choose the best path for specific applications or categories of network traffic.
Dynamic Path Selection Jitter, packet loss, latency and throughput of each link are continually measured to ensure applications can be sent over the best performing links for their needs. Decisions on which links to use are made in real-time based on actual current link performance of packet loss, latency and jitter conditions, as well as available bandwidth.
Internet Link Load Balancing and Failover Balance internet traffic to best utilize the available bandwidth across all WAN links. Network traffic will be sent over the next best performing link when a link fails, or fails to meet performance requirements. Multiple WANs as well as LTE connectivity can be used as primary or failover links.
VPN Connectivity Securely connect distributed enterprises and remote workers using VPN. VPN connectivity options include IPsec VPN, OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN. Simplify deployment of multiple appliances by connecting appliances with auto-provisioning VPN in ETM Dashboard.
Application Control Ensure users can access essential cloud-based applications while restricting recreational or inappropriate apps. Control access to common applications such as enterprise apps, social networking, instant messaging, video streaming, file sharing, etc.
Threat Prevention Advanced security capability that blocks high risk Internet traffic using the Webroot BrightCloud® reputation score associated with the remote host.
Geo-IP Filter Incoming and outgoing traffic can be blocked based on country and provide an additional layer of security and control for network administrators.
Web Filter Advanced security feature, powered by Webroot Brightcloud®, that performs a real-time assessment of the URL category and risk posed when opening a URL. Network activity is logged or and blocked for high risk, inappropriate, or distracting websites.
Zero-Touch Provisioning Network administrators can remotely set up and configure Micro Edge appliances. Automatic upgrades ensure all appliances are kept up to date with the latest updates.
Centralized Management One or many Micro Edge appliances can be managed from ETM Dashboard, accessible from any browser. Full visibility of all deployments enables administrators to view appliance network status, important events, and reporting data. Configure and push policy templates, WAN rules, and global configuration.