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IT service providers are tasked to overcome constantly increasing security and network challenges from sophisticated ransomware, phishing and network infrastructure attacks to expanding geographic footprints and providing secure remote user access. We provide an effective yet flexible platform of network security and connectivity solutions that are designed with MSPs in mind. Cloud-based centralized management simplifies network orchestration allowing you to deploy, monitor and manage all of your Edge Threat Management appliances easily and efficiently. By partnering with us, you will have the training, support and resources you need to drive new business, retain key accounts and maximize your revenue.

Edge Threat Management

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A Complete Network Security Solution

Gain seamless management, control, and visibility across all of the networks you support with Edge Threat Management that combines our award-winning NG Firewall, Micro Edge and cloud-based centralized management system, ETM Dashboard.

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Benefit Highlights

Get competitive discounts on products
Enjoy expert account management and technical support rapid response
Register key deals within our Partner Portal quickly and easily
Build a recurring revenue stream with subscription services
Decide how you want to deploy: our hardware, your hardware, virtualized, or cloud
Take advantage of optional, branding and co-branding


MSPs enjoy a range of network security solutions that will help you build out your product portfolio or jump into the rapidly growing network security space. Cloud-based centralized management supports your business growth by providing scalable solutions that grow with your business. We’re confident that you’ll find the Edge Threat Management network security solutions to be the perfect complement to your existing services.


Edge Threat Management security and connectivity solutions are the perfect complement to your existing product portfolio, and your customers will enjoy the ease-of-use that our products are known for. You’ll be up to speed and growing your customer base quickly and painlessly, without buy-in costs like expensive training and certification.


We’re confident that you’ll find the Edge Threat Management range of solutions to be the perfect complement to your existing services and to meet the needs of your customers. Our products are known for ease-of-use and quick on-boarding. You will immediately recognize value from adding our solutions to your catalog.


We make it easy to integrate, bundle, or white-label our products for your needs. With rising threats in today’s digital age, more and more organizations are turning to us to help provide solutions to combat today’s cybersecurity threats. We are uniquely positioned to help you integrate award-winning network security solutions into your product or service. Our software-based products are the perfect fit for a number of different technology providers, giving you a turnkey way to incorporate leading-edge, field-proven security solutions.

“Untangle’s products are easy to set up, with an interface that is intuitive and responsive, without compromising security.”

– David Groot, Windstar Technologies Inc.


“Untangle has a brilliant product ideal for MSPs looking for a cost-effective solution for their SME customers.”

– Craig Sharp, Abussi Ltd.


“As our IT services branch continues to grow, we look forward to being able to provide more customers with the peace of mind that their networks are protected.”

– John Eckstrom, Carolina Business Equipment


“Untangle reports are one of the best I’ve ever seen from a technology company. We can easily pull any type of report a client requests and drill-down into the details to find out what’s really happening on the network.”

– Craig Sharp, Abussi Ltd.


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