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OEM Solutions

Why Untangle?

Want to Partner with Untangle? We make it easy to integrate, bundle, or white-label our products for your needs. With rising threats in today’s digital age, more and more organizations are turning to Untangle to help provide solutions to combat today’s threats. We’d be happy to explore OEM opportunities, fill out the form and someone will be with you shortly!


  • Cloud-based centralized management that makes it easy to install, run and maintain
  • A product designed as software, giving you ultimate flexibility in deployment
  • Turnkey white labeling providing you the ability to effortlessly showcase your brand
  • A corporate partner committed to technology innovation and customer success
  • Gain entrance to the rapidly growing cybersecurity market quickly
  • Enjoy flexible licensing and an option to create a recurring revenue stream with our subscription options

Plus, our experienced OEM team has helped other market leaders introduce Untangle-powered solutions quickly and easily. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you.

Key Features

Untangle NG Firewall is the best-loved security solution for a reason. See what makes us special.

  • We process all traffic at layer 7, the application layer, which means you can create any policy, even the most complex, quickly and easily
  • Virtual PipeliningTM technology means no latency like you get from competitive proxy-based firewalls
  • Email protection including spam and phish blocking
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Next-generation web filtering including application control, SSL inspection and ad blocking
  • Connectivity solutions including captive portal and VPN
  • Bandwidth shaping and QoS including WAN balancing and failover
  • Industry-leading onboard reports with widgetized, customizable, responsive dashboard