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Incident Response

Real-Time Reporting

Whether there is a network slow-down, complaint about a hostile work environment, or an employee engaging in illegal activity, network administrators need to immediately identify the who, what, where and when.

NG Firewall provides advanced reporting to give you all the information you need to quickly identify and resolve issues, whether network or personnel related. Our tools show network activity in real-time, and document activity through daily reports that can be scheduled and automatically sent to the appropriate stakeholders.

…network administrators need to immediately identify the who, what, where and when.

Single-Click Visibility

With one click, NG Firewall enables you to view all user network activity in the session viewer. To focus on a specific area, each NG Firewall app has its own real-time event log and historical reports. Report columns are also customizable, so you decide the level of detail you need to see. For automatically running and distributing reports, you can define when to save a report and which stakeholders to automatically send it to.

360º Dashboard

Concerned about a specific individual or group within the organization? Want to keep tabs on a sensitive application that handles business-critical information? It’s easy to use NG Firewall to create custom Reports, then pin them to the Dashboard as widgets. Widgets are miniaturized reports that show you the information you need at a glance. The Dashboard comes populated with helpful widgets at installation, but is fully customizable with widgets you create from your reports. And because reports are database-driven rather than being built on log files, you can drill down into any aspect of network traffic.

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View Search Activity

To see what search activity users have been up to, the query log in Web Filter shows what each individual user has searched for, even over encrypted connections when using SSL Inspector.

NG Firewall gives you all the information needed in real-time…through a single pane of glass.

Save Time and Effort

When it comes to incident response, NG Firewall gives you all the information needed in real-time or historical data to conduct forensics for network activity. Everything is accessible through a single pane of glass, saving you hours when compared to other solutions that require you to access separate appliances, log in, run separate reports, and then correlate the disparate information on your own.

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