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Untangle for K-12 Schools


Keeping Students & Staff Safe Online

Online assessments, web-based learning tools, and mobile devices are driving K-12 education. Network administrators have tried costly network upgrades to increase bandwidth and expand the efficacy of their Wi-Fi networks, but have found these efforts insufficient.

Unfortunately, most schools still use legacy web filters that are ineffective and inflexible when it comes to allocating what network resources users, apps and devices have access to. Customers choose Untangle for next generation web filtering which includes application control, SSL inspection and bandwidth management, along with the ability to block, flag and alert on search terms, enforce safe search, and log YouTube searches, breaking down the glass wall of how students and teachers can safely access educational materials from across the internet.


The product is very intuitive to use; I was able to easily set up applications and rules based on what I wanted my network to do.

Breakwater School


CIPA Compliance & E-Rate Funding Application Process Datasheet

Webinar on Demand: Safeguarding K-12 Network with Untangle

Online assessments, web-based learning tools, and mobile devices are driving the future of K-12 education. Network Administrators have tried costly network upgrades to increase network security, but resource limitations continue to make this an uphill battle.

This webinar will outline the current state of IT security for K-12 schools and share 7 steps network admins can do today to safeguard their networks.

Top Private School Relies on NG Firewall to Protect its Students and Campus

Admiral Farragut Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy is a private, college preparatory, boarding and day PreK – 12th grade school located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Farragut is one of only two Honor Naval Academies in the United States where students in 8th – 12th grade are involved in the Naval Jr. ROTC program. Farragut is also known for its Naval Science Program that provides students a path to pursue higher education in various military academies. Joe Sloan has been the Chief Information Officer and Technology for the last 25 years at Farragut.

The product runs itself. I can rest assured all my networks are protected against all types of attacks.

Joe Sloan, Chief Information Officer and Technology, Admiral Farragut Academy


NG Firewall Special Pricing

Public Sector Complete

Public Sector Complete is available to qualifying state and local government institutions, public schools and libraries. This package contains the same software as NG Firewall Complete, but at a greatly reduced rate.

Nonprofit Complete

Nonprofit Complete is available to qualifying not-for-profit institutions, NGOs, private schools and religious organizations. This package contains the same software as NG Firewall Complete, but at a greatly reduced rate.

Is Untangle Right For You?

Unique and granular policies for students, teachers, administrators, individual classrooms, school sites and district offices

Optimized bandwidth for mission-critical traffic (online assessments, web-based learning tools, etc.)

Simple tools for network administrators to quickly respond to the dynamic needs of teachers and staff

Enables CIPA Compliance

Forced Safe Search even if “Safe Search Off” is selected on the device across search engines, YouTube

Flag, block or alert based on search words on Google, YouTube, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo

Layer 7 application awareness identifies all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination

Enhanced malware detection with an even greater percentage of the internet categorized to block more attacks originating from web browsing

Policy enforcement for HTTPS and SSL traffic

Stops web filter bypass to inappropriate or high-bandwidth content

Social media monitoring and control

Mobile Policy Enforcement for 1:1 Initiatives

Active Directory/LDAP Integration

Real-time reporting that lets you drill down to view and control individual user activity

Firewall, Router, IPsec VPN, Advanced Antivirus, Spam Blocking, Intrusion Prevention, and Phish Blocking