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Mobile Policy Enforcement

Your Devices, Your Rules – Even When They’re Not On Your Network

Whether you’re provisioning mobile devices to your employees or running a 1:1 program for your K-12 students, you need to be able to control what happens to those devices even when they’re off your network. Mobile devices are inherently promiscuous, connecting via cellular and Wi-Fi networks that may or may not have sufficient security protocols in place. You work hard to keep threats off devices connected to your local network; be sure those same devices aren’t left exposed when they’re in the wild.

Enforce Filtering, Protection, and Monitoring of Remote Devices with Full Tunnel VPN

NG Firewall’s Mobile Policy Enforcement can help. Using Xauth over IPsec VPN, it’s simple for schools and businesses to provide VPN access to NG Firewall. Xauth is natively supported across all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android), from the phone to the desktop. That means no third-party or client software installation needed. Regardless of where the device is located, it will get all the benefits from the same policies and protections as users behind an NG Firewall appliance on your local network. If you’re looking for the quickest way to enforce policy across all your devices, no matter where they are or how they connect to the Internet, NG Firewall is the solution for you.

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K-12 and 1:1 Programs

If you’re issuing mobile devices to students, you may be putting your CIPA compliance at risk. You need to ensure that students stay safe no matter where they’re connecting from – whether at home, the library or elsewhere. You also need to be sure that the devices you’ve entrusted them with are kept secure from malware and other threats. How can you manage this without dealing with installing software on every device?

NG Firewall can help. By ensuring mobile devices connect to the Internet via forced full tunnel VPN using Xauth, you can have the same network policies you’ve put in place on campus be in effect no matter where those devices wander.

Our special pricing for K-12 institutions makes the decision even easier.


Public Sector Complete is the same as the NG Firewall Complete package, but at a reduced cost for qualifying institutions, including public schools


Nonprofit Complete is the same as the NG Firewall Complete package, but at a reduced cost for qualifying institutions, including private schools.