Untangle SD-WAN Router is Now Micro Edge


What’s in a Name?

Starting January 12, 2022, SD-WAN Router will be renamed to Micro Edge.

It has been over two years since we launched SD-WAN Router, and in that time the product has evolved into much more than a router.

With this transformation, we felt a name change was in order as it continues to evolve and to position it for the future. Micro Edge continues to be a lightweight network edge device that provides secure branch connectivity, optimizes existing internet infrastructure, and prioritizes business critical applications to maximize employee productivity.

What’s behind the name?

“Micro” is a nod to being lightweight in both the physical size and the resources required to connect remote locations. “Edge” firmly places the product at the edge of the network where it performs best.

What’s next for Micro Edge?

We are excited to already have a new beta out now that includes the highly requested new feature, Web Filter. The beta is available for testing now in the forums.

A couple noteworthy items:

  • There are no product changes other than updating the name to Micro Edge
  • There aro no pricing changes