Untangle announces Untangle 9.4 with new Captive Portal

Sunnyvale, Calif., Jan 10, 2012 –Untangle, Inc., a network software and appliance company, today announced the release of Untangle 9.4, the latest version of its award-winning multi-function firewall software. Untangle 9.4 includes a new Captive Portal as well as a new Host Table and improvements to Session Viewer.

Captive Portal receives an entirely new implementation in Untangle 9.4. Captive Portal’s role in Untangle’s offering is growing more important in several key markets including hospitality and retail alongside established verticals like education and small/medium business. Despite adding new features and functionality to Captive Portal, Untangle has also made it simpler and easier to maintain. Captive Portal is now part of Untangle’s Integrated Rules Engine (IRE) and can address critical use cases frequently requested by customers:

  • Separate mobile devices to a different rack with different policies for BYOD (bring your own device) environments. Captive pages can be displayed by operating system and/or device type.
  • Show different captive portal pages to wireless and wired users.
  • Only show a captive portal page if the user is not already known via some other method (like the Active Directory Login Script).
  • Show a warning page when the user goes over quota or is added to the penalty box for bad behavior.
  • Have special captive pages for specific sites.
  • Enable custom integrations from acknowledging Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) to accepting payments for wi-fi hotspot access.

Untangle also provides a custom captive page format utilizing Python, a popular programming language, allowing administrators to integrate visual and functional changes as well as enable custom integrations.

Untangle 9.4 Community Webinar

Dirk Morris, VP, Products and Co-Founder of Untangle, will demonstrate Untangle 9.4 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific on Thursday, January 17, 2013.

About Untangle

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