Directory Connector

Leverage the power of your directory service to provide you with more granular policy creation, management and reporting. If you use Microsoft Active Directory, RADIUS or the NG Firewall Local Directory, Directory Connector dramatically simplifies and enhances the value of Policy Manager. Policy Manager inherits user and group information, enabling simplified management and greatly enriched logging and reporting.

By connecting to a network directory, users and network administrators benefit. Users get a quick and simple authentication, providing a smooth, secure, and seamless on-ramp to the network. Network administrators benefit because they gain visibility to each user, and they inherit the groupings in the directory, simplifying and augmenting policy management.


  • Skip creating new users and groups when you can inherit them directly from your Active Directory, RADIUS or the NG Firewall local directory.

  • Optional user login via User Notification Login Script; once users login to their PC, they are automatically logged into the network.

  • User identification is always up-to-date. Enriches logging, reporting and policy management with usernames and groups coming directly from the directory.

  • Connect to multiple Active Directory servers.

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Use your RADIUS or Microsoft Active Directory server to simplify policy management and enrich reporting. This app is included in NG Firewall Complete, our most comprehensive software package available.

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Use Microsoft Active Directory or RADIUS to power policy management.

Directory Connector

Use Microsoft Active Directory or RADIUS to power policy management.

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