Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention blocks hacking attempts before they reach internal servers and desktops. Pre-configured signature-based IPS makes it easier for administrators to provide 24/7 network protection from hackers.

It minimizes annoying false positives and ensures that signatures are always current with automatic updates. With an easy-to-use setup wizard allowing simple configuration of rules specific to each environment, Intrusion Prevention provides flexible control. Over 34,000 signature detections, including heuristic signatures for port scans, enable you to effectively monitor and block most suspicious requests.



  • Open source and free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Thousands of signatures for a variety of attacks.

  • Carefully selected defaults continually tuned for optimal protection.

  • New attack signatures automatically downloaded to your server.

Get Intrusion Prevention

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Stop exploits before they enter the network.

Intrusion Prevention

Stop exploits before they enter the network.

NG Firewall makes life simple. It is easy to use and can be managed remotely, which is very important when there are eighteen locations to look after. Bruce Garner, Five Star Food Service
NG Firewall’s flexibility and ease-of-use works for our continuously growing network. Phil Burgess, Hunter Valley Grammar School
With limited security in place, I was cleaning up spam and viruses everyday. As soon as I installed NG Firewall, the spam and viruses stopped. Tom Rickard, City of Bridgeton