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Hospitality & Retail

Providing a High Level of Service Cost-Effectively

Wi-Fi is now the top amenity customers want. It’s mandatory for businesses to provide a high level of service cost-effectively. While most hospitality organizations have deployed Wi-Fi, having it available is just the first step. Ensuring a secure and reliable Internet connection for all users is the real difference between Wi-Fi being a success or failure.

With Edge Threat Management, providing a secure and reliable wireless connection is simple and the benefits are clear. Customers will have the convenience to safely go online wherever they are located on the property. Basic Internet access can be provided for free, and if higher bandwidth is needed, tiered service offerings can be made available. For back-office operations, businesses can prioritize Internet traffic for reservation systems, administration tools, point-of-sale and more to provide a high level of service regardless of where the transaction occurs.

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NG Firewall has everything I need to protect my retail and corporate networks. The solution is very user-friendly, and the customizations I need don’t require professional services—a huge plus in my book.


NG Firewall Case Study

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We ended up testing out the NG Firewall Complete package and was amazed at how easy it was to set up a safe, reliable guest Wi-Fi network while protecting our back-of-the-house operations.

Mohammad Ahmad, Group IT Manager, No Ordinary Hotel

No Ordinary Hotel

No Ordinary Hotel is the parent company of two unique hotels in the United Kingdom, the Lumley Castle Hotel and Coombe Abbey Hotel. The Lumley Castle Hotel is a 14-century castle located in County Durham, while the Coombe Abbey Hotel is a 12-century converted country house located in Warwickshire. Both are 4-star hotels that have spectacular venues for weddings, conferences and special events. Mohammad Ahmad is the Group IT Manager at No Ordinary Hotel.

Protecting Retail Purchases and Customer Information

Mobile payments, including ApplePay, GooglePay, and CashApp have become increasingly popular among shoppers and retailers alike. Customers gain the ease of use by paying for their purchases with their mobile device, and retailers can declutter their payment station with streamlined payment terminals. However, protecting these transactions is crucial.

As a small business preparing for an influx in mobile payment technologies, securing your network is critical. With Edge Threat Management’s multifaceted security solution, retail owners and employees can provide their customers with streamlined, and protected purchases both online and in person.

High-End Retail Store Trusts Edge Threat Management With Network Security


Frette is an Italian textile company founded in 1860. Known for its fine linens, Frette has 10 retail stores in the United States and many more across the world; it also provides linens to many luxury hotels. Robert Codey has been the IT Support Administrator for the last 2 years and is responsible for protecting the corporate and retail networks.

Is Edge Threat Management Right For You?

Easily deploy and manage internet access that is cost-effective for free users, and profitable for paid users

Captive Portal to identify every user and their network access level

Unique and granular policies with Active Directory/LDAP integration for tiered service levels and organizational departments

Prevent network slowdowns caused by any individual or group of users and applications

Provide optimal QoS for in-room technologies such as VoIP, VOD, IPTV & VPN

Optimized bandwidth for mission-critical back-office applications (reservation and administration tools, POS, etc.)

Web caching for frequently accessed IP-based content

Stops malware before it can enter your network

Helps meet PCI DSS requirements

Layer 7 application awareness to identify all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination