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Dynamic, Flexible Connectivity Solutions for Optimized Networking

Business connectivity requirements have evolved, necessitating the adoption of advanced networking technology to ensure internet optimization, business continuity, and secure branch office connectivity to the corporate network.

Company objectives like digitization initiatives and the adoption of public cloud services make internet connectivity business-critical. Skyrocketing WAN costs, complexity of network management, and reliability issues can all impact business continuity. Applications critical to employee productivity, such as VoIP, video conferencing, and other bandwidth-intensive applications can increase load demands on internet infrastructure. Many organizations struggle with the price, performance and flexibility of their WANs.

With more than 1.6 million branch offices in the U.S. alone, companies spend a combined $10 billion per year on branch networking solutions. Secure connectivity to these branch offices, and remote employees, requires one common network across all sites to protect the corporate network and manage traffic load from the edge to the core.

Organizations often utilize a hybrid WAN consisting of MPLS and backhauled traffic while seeking lower-cost options for connectivity. This complex network topology can be difficult to manage, and security often becomes an afterthought—leaving the network edge open to attack.


Software-defined WAN solutions help organizations make use of different routes to the internet: across service providers, physical locations, and networks. There are a number of different criteria necessary for an SD-WAN solution to meet:

  • Office Connectivity
  • Business Continuity
  • Application Performance and WAN Optimization
  • Secure Internet Access
  • Centralized Management

Solutions can include software, hardware and over the top (OTT), cloud-based services. Furthermore, overseeing WAN edge functions at scale requires centralized, cloud-based management tools.

Organizations can benefit from SD-WAN in several ways. It gives administrators more control over the network infrastructure while reducing capital and operational expenditures. Furthermore, it enables them to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud-based software services, improving agility and responsiveness without the need for installed solution refresh cycles.

Untangle SD-WAN Router Datasheet

As part of Untangle’s Network Security Framework, Untangle SD-WAN Router with advanced routing capabilities and stateful firewall, provides the ability for businesses to build a comprehensive, secure Software-Defined Network at a fraction of the cost.

Untangle SD-WAN Router

As part of Untangle’s Network Security Framework, the Untangle SD-WAN Router, with advanced routing capabilities and stateful firewall, provides the ability for businesses to build a comprehensive, secure Software-Defined Network at a fraction of the cost. Untangle SD-WAN Router software provides interoffice connectivity across all sites, optimizes the internet over existing infrastructure, and prioritizes business critical applications to maximize employee productivity.

The typical WAN environment for a distributed enterprise can be very complex. Using software to define the routes to the internet simplifies what was once controlled by network hardware imperatives. Untangle SD-WAN Router enables administrators to provide simple and fast VPN tunneling, policy-based routing, and Dynamic Path selection based on real-time network conditions.

Controlled by cloud-based centralized management, these policies can be deployed automatically whenever a new branch is added or a business rule is changed. This eliminates the need for onsite teams or truck rolls to make changes.

Untangle SD-WAN Router makes initiatives easy with these key features:

  • Secure site-to-site and site-to-cloud networking with Tunnel VPN
  • Application based routing using Untangle’s patent-pending Predictive Routing Technology
  • Dynamic Path Selection based on real time WAN conditions
  • WAN balancing, optimization and failover
  • Secure, turnkey VPN connections for remote workers
  • Quality of Service and Traffic Shaping
  • Stateful Firewall detects malicious activity and enforces network policies
  • Cloud-based centralized management of all sites
  • Real-time reports and diagnostic tools
  • Automated, dynamic monitoring & global alerts
  • Audit log for administrative changes

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