OpenVPN enables administrators to provide secure remote access to the internal network to remote users and sites. NG Firewall’s intuitive GUI makes it easier to configure basic settings through a setup wizard.

You can generate custom certs for each client, and easily distribute pre-configured client software via email.


  • Open source and free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

  • Event Log shows VPN login/logout events.

  • Reports show general statistics on VPN usage.

  • The “Advanced” tab allows administrators to override NG Firewall’s OpenVPN configuration. Note: The “Advanced” tab in OpenVPN is not supported by the support team. Please be sure to read the OpenVPN documentation.

  • Two-factor authentication with a password via Directory Connector or a local directory.

Get OpenVPN

Install a free trial of NG Firewall to use every NG Firewall app for 30 days. After your free trial, you will be able to continue to use this app without a paid subscription. 

Enable site-to-site and client-to-site connections.


Enable site-to-site and client-to-site connections.

NG Firewall makes life simple. It is easy to use and can be managed remotely, which is very important when there are eighteen locations to look after. Bruce Garner, Five Star Food Service
I have only interacted with the support team on a few rare occurrences, but each time they have been tremendously helpful and responsive. Katie Bochenski, Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey