Web Cache

Internet users download the same web elements (images, page headers, embedded content, text, etc.) over and over again; Web Cache speeds browsing performance by caching these static elements and serving them locally. Web browsers all use local web caches to accelerate browsing performance. Web Cache applies this same principle across your network, enabling cached elements to be shared by all Internet users on your network. Reduced bandwidth is nice, but faster page loading—resulting in happier users—is the real reason you should use Web Cache.

The biggest indicator of network health, to the average user, is browser responsiveness. Web Cache boosts browser responsiveness resulting in improved user satisfaction. Add Web Cache to your network today and see the results.


  • Make the most of your bandwidth dollars by improving page-load performance.

  • Reduce network latency and improve perceived speeds.

  • Eliminate repeat requests for often-used content, freeing up resources for other requests.

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Streamline and accelerate the Internet browsing experience.

Web Cache

Streamline and accelerate the Internet browsing experience.

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