Bandwidth Control

Competing traffic impacts your Quality of Service (QoS). Bandwidth Control helps you manage the priority of business-critical, recreational and inappropriate traffic before it impacts the Internet experience of your users.

Recreational apps and websites (video, streaming media, gaming, file sharing) can suck up available bandwidth, bringing your network performance to a crawl. Bandwidth Control puts you in charge of your bandwidth allocation. It starts with tracking and monitoring bandwidth usage, enabling you to pinpoint the problem applications, websites or users. Combine Bandwidth Control with Policy Manager to define different actions based on policies (user, group, time of day, etc.).


  • Ensure Quality of Service (QoS), utilize bandwidth resources efficiently, and save money.

  • Prioritize bandwidth away from recreational use and toward business-critical apps like VOIP, cloud-based business applications, or video conferences.

  • Monitor and track bandwidth abusers by user, application, protocol, website, etc. to determine the source of bandwidth challenges.

  • Set quotas for the amount of data that can be used during a given time. Combine with rules to automatically take an action (such as block) when that quota is exceeded.

  • Automatically respond to bandwidth abusers through a variety of techniques including blocking, quotas or other penalties.

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Manage the priority of business-critical, recreational and inappropriate traffic.

Bandwidth Control

Manage the priority of business-critical, recreational and inappropriate traffic.

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