Branding Manager

Personalize all of NG Firewall’s user-facing screens, adding your logo, company name and contact information. By default, the Arista logo and contact information is shown on user-facing screens such as the login and block pages (shown when a user tries to access content that has been blocked). Branding Manager enables you to edit all of these elements to provide a consistent and professionally branded experience for your users.

While there is some necessary Arista branding, such as copyright, license and other information, Branding Manager enables you to project your brand and contact information in ways that are sure to impress your users, customers and visitors.

Customizable elements applies to user-facing pages, login pages, reports and administrative interface, see features list below.


  • Add your logo

  • Add your organization’s name

  • Add your contact information

  • Use your URL

  • Remove all instances of “Arista”

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Use your logo and content on user-facing pages. This app is included in NG Firewall Complete, our most comprehensive software package available.

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Personalize user-facing screens to add company logo, name and contact information.

Branding Manager

Personalize user-facing screens to add company logo, name and contact information.

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