WAN Balancer

If you have two or more Internet connections, WAN Balancer helps you maximize your cumulative network performance and throughput by distributing the traffic based on simple rules. For example, if you have a 100 Mb/s cable connection and a 12 Mb/s DSL, WAN Balancer enables you to send 10% of your traffic over DSL and 90% over cable. WAN Balancer enables you to distribute traffic across multiple Internet connections into a cost-effective alternative to pricey high-bandwidth connections.

As your bandwidth demands grow beyond a single connection, WAN Balancer will quickly pay for itself by enabling you to grow incrementally with additional Internet connections. You can distribute traffic across each connection appropriately, so you never over-saturate connections which have lower bandwidth allocations.


  • An ideal cost-saver that enables you to achieve the performance of high-cost dedicated lines by balancing between lower-cost Internet connections.

  • Multiple Internet connections also provide the benefit of providing failover capability in case one or more of your connections fails.

  • Note: Requires a dedicated network card and unique IP address space for each Internet connection. WAN Balancer balances the aggregate throughput, but does not increase the throughput of any single Internet connection.

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Distribute Internet traffic to optimize QoS over two or more connections.

WAN Balancer

Distribute Internet traffic to optimize QoS over two or more connections.

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