WAN Failover

What happens when your Internet connection goes down? Does your business grind to a halt as angry users descend on you asking what the problem is and when it will be resolved? Do you call your ISP and complain, but have no historical downtime logging to back-up your claims that they are breaking their SLA? We’ve been there too! That’s why we created WAN Failover, the only way to deliver the best Internet connection uptime…and network admin job security.

No ISP is foolproof, they all have planned and unplanned downtime. That’s why we recommend using multiple ISPs and WAN Failover. WAN Failover tests your Internet connections, and when one slows or fails, it can reroute network traffic over the remaining connections, maximizing your uptime. WAN Failover also logs all downtime for each connection, arming you with the evidence you need to hold your ISPs accountable.


  • Enables you to define the switching criteria on a per connection basis, giving you total control.

  • The perfect complement to WAN Balancer, which turns multiple Internet connections into one virtual connection with the combined throughput of the separate connections.

  • Note: Requires a dedicated network card and unique IP address space for each Internet connection. WAN Balancer increases the aggregate throughput, but does not increase the throughput of any single Internet connection.

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Automatically detect an Internet outage and switch traffic to another connection. This app is included in NG Firewall Complete, our most comprehensive software package available.

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Reroute traffic automatically when one Internet connection fails.

WAN Failover

Reroute traffic automatically when one Internet connection fails.

I have only interacted with the support team on a few rare occurrences, but each time they have been tremendously helpful and responsive. Katie Bochenski, Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey
The new user interface is a nice improvement. The Dashboard provides me with a quick view of my network. David Phelps, Brown County Schools
The Reports app is easy to use, and I can simply pull the required reports to show we are complying with CIPA. Jeff Olson, Vision Charter School