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NG Firewall Packages

Everything You Need to Secure and Connect Your Network

Software subscriptions for NG Firewall allow you to easily and affordably build and manage a secure network. Using ETM Dashboard, you can centrally manage all your network appliances, and even deploy hardware appliances, from anywhere.

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NG Firewall featured capabilities

Comprehensive software subscription provides extensive control, visibility into network traffic and events, and multiple layers of advanced protection

Basic security and connectivity features needed to lay the foundation of a secure network

Virus Blocker checkmark Limited
Threat Prevention
Intrusion Prevention
Phish Blocker
Application Control Limited
Web Filter*
Web Monitor
SSL Inspector
Ad Blocker
Spam Blocker Limited
Bandwidth Control
WAN Balancer
WAN Failover
Web Cache
Captive Portal
IPsec VPN*
Tunnel VPN
WireGuard VPN
Directory Connector
Policy Manager
Reports Limited
Branding Manager
Configuration Backup
Centralized Management w/ ETM Dashboard Not able to use policies, alerts, reports or Networks
*App is also available as an individual add-on.

Special Pricing Programs

There are several special pricing programs including public sector and nonprofit pricing, Hardware as a Service, and hardware upgrade discounts.